Pallet Recycling at SWS Manufacturing

Pallet recycling is responsible for removing over a hundred million pallets and over a billion board feet of lumber from the waste stream each year. SWS Manufacturing helps to complete that cycle by re-manufacturing damaged pallets to a usable condition whenever possible and recycling 100% of the rest, “even the nails”.

Our commitment to sound environmental practices continues even after a pallet reaches the end of its usual life. SWS receives an estimated 875,000 wood pallets for repair and recycling each year and that number is growing.

Wood fiber created from the unrepairable pallets is used to create new products such as home building supplies and many other environmentally-friendly items. Contact SWS for all your wood waste and pallet disposal needs, a refreshing approach to saving money and the environment. Call 541.928.1387 or email us at

Here are a few examples of creative ideas using recycled materials.